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Wiggins Island Rail Project

WIRP Stage 1 is a duplication of 24kms of rail track. Between the towns of Dingo and Bluff in Central Queensland.

MGT Construction is currently involved in the construction of Concrete Structures such as Head/Wing Walls, Apron/Access Slabs, and Retaining Walls.

Redbank, River Park

An industrial subdivision project involving construction of Reinforced Concrete Drainage Chambers, Pits, Culvert Head and Wing Walls.

Port of Brisbane, D.P. World

The project involved the construction of approximately 4.4kms of reinforced concrete beams on which rail tracks were later fixed allowing automatic stacking cranes to travel on.

Airport Link, Bowen Hills

The construction of the low point sump, approximately 25m x 20m and walls of 7.6m in height.

Also the construction of Reinforced Concrete Walls, Lining the Tunnels over the TBM Burial Chambers.